Episode 221

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23rd Jan 2023

Episode #221 - Arsenal v Manchester United - Premier League Heavy Weights, renew the rivalry. Best XI of the Half!

In today's episode, we're talking all things Premier League and boy did we see some drama over the weekend. The Gunners came out on top in a nail-biter against Man United, with Nketiah proving to be a top-notch substitute and Zinchenko making a huge impact. But don't count out Man City just yet, with Haaland and Lewis lighting up the field.

Will they be able to catch up to Arsenal in the race for the title?

On the other hand, some of the matches were a bit of a snooze fest, with 0-0 draws at Anfield among others. But Chelsea fans, don't lose hope just yet. Mudryk's impressive performance off the bench has us thinking they may not need a new striker after all.

We also touch on the performances of Mitoma, Gnonto, and whether Sean Dyche is the man to keep Everton afloat. Stay tuned for all this and more on this week's episode of the show.Like, subscribe, and share the show! It means the world to us!

Full Rundown.

  • Arsenal 3-2

02:15 Arsenal have the view of inevitability about them. Rashford's wonder strike, set it off. Nketiah's flicked header to bring it level. Then Saka's wrong-facing wondergoal followed by little Lisandro Martinez's loopy flicked header and finally, the NEARLY offside back karate-kick flick by Nketiah for his brace. 3-2.

  • City 3-0 Wolves

14:00 Easy stuff for City. A second half brace for Haaland. First from Debruyne, from that 3/4 cross space... then a penalty on Gundogan, and finally a massive error by Sa gifted the final. Normal service restored. Haaland on 25 in 19

  • Update on the Sword of Dyche-ocles.

It has swung in the direction of Frank Lampard. With Jesse Marsch ondeck - Martin Keown going in on the American's "blarny" about positivity. Gnonto already their talisman.

  • West Ham 2-0 Everton

17:55 Jarrod Bowen is back baby! West Ham have been looking for any one of their flair players to step up and none of them have all season. Not Antonio, Fornals, Benrama or Scamacca have consistently scored... until, today. Everton... Doomed. Lampard Sacked. And Mosheri wants.... Bielsa?!?!? That's mistake.

  • Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea

22:20 Bore-snooze-sleep fest. Chelsea with the better of the chances at Anfield. Mudryk looked REALLY good and direct. Potter getting the replacements he needs to forge his own identity on the team. Both managers will breath this one out and go again.

  • Fulham 0-1 Spurs

26:15 Kane sets the record for goals by a Spurs player and Tottenham hang on for a well earned victory. Game was very much a street fight game with lots of fouls and hard tackles. Battles in the trenches by Hojberg and Paulinha were fun to watch if thats your thing.

  • The rest of the Premier League weekend
  • Bournemouth 1-1 Forest

28:45 Another draw for Forest. Picking up points v their rivals from the Championship. Chippy little game this. Norest pull out the draw in the 83'd by Surridge on a set piece. Bournemouth give up their 14 set piece goal... ouch.

  • Southampton 0-1 Aston Villa -

29:50 James Ward-Prowse nearly snatched it. VAR over turned. Then Ollie Watkins freed from Ings finished it off. Emry's Villa cruise.

  • Leicester City 2–2 Brighton

31:00 Future is here for Brighton. Out goes Troussard, Maupay, In come Ferguson and Mitoma.

  • Crystal Palace 0–0 Newcastle Utd

33:21 The magic goal fairy has left Newcastle and now all they do is keep clean sheets. Almiron is back to being the smiling pumpkin he always was. Palace will take this point but need to find a spark again.

  • Leeds United 0–0 Brentford

35:00 Marsch 4-3 goal fest? Nope. Snoozer. Marsch needs to get his team to translate these defensive games into wins. Only 2 points above the drop. Leeds needs GOALS and to be CLINICAL. Marsch taken to task over bullshit parochial British miserable press.

38:00 BEST IX of the Half:


Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro

02:15 Arsenal 3-2 Manchester City - Blood-feud renewed. Wenger and Ferguson would be proud.

14:00 Manchester City solves it's Haaland and Wolves problem in smooth win.

17:55 West Ham 2-0 Everton - The sword swings! And off with Frank's head. West Ham's Bowen ends Lampard's Reign.

22:20 Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea - Potter and Klopp happy to kiss their sisters in a snoozy draw.

26:15 Fulham 0-1 Spurs - 19th Century football but in a good way. I am sure, Hojberg would have loved to pick up the ball and score a try.

28:45 Bournmouth 1-1 Nottingham Forest - Surridge rescues it late for hard fought away point for Forest

29:50 Southampton 0-1 Aston Villa - James Ward Prowse saves the day. Then VAR saves Aston Villa

31:00 Leicester City 2-2 Brighton - Mitomo and Ferguson Save the Day.

33:21 Nil-Nils all around. Palace, Newcastle, Leeds and Brentford play for 3 hours and score no goals... Great.

35:00 Jesse Marsch is an American. And the English don't get it.

38:00 Premier Best XI


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