Episode 238

Published on:

23rd Mar 2023

The Champions League Draw and Thomas Tuchel to Bayern - International Break Questions from Listeners

Welcome to Squeaky Bum Time, An English Premier League Podcast hosted by Laurent Courtines. Join Laurent to keep up with all the news, results and discussion from the world of English football. In episode #238 Laurent dives into the Champions League draw, Julian Naglesman's firing and Thomas Tuchel's return to Germany.

He also chat about Napoli's dominance in Italy and American soccer. Laurent chats about expectations for managers and his side team - Brighton. Finally he provides a preview of upcoming Premier League matches and speculates about the future of Spurs.

Join us for all this and more on the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast - the go-to source for everything Premier League. Don't miss a beat of the action as we bring you the latest news, analysis, and previews.


00:00 Champions League Draw Preview

04:01 Thomas Tuchel Taking Over as Manager of Julian Naglesman's Former Team

07:40 Milan's Opposition to Napoli for League Leadership.

11:16 Napoli's Chances of Making the Final

15:08 The Impact of the Ted Lasso Series on American Football Fans

18:49 The Perception of American Footballers in Britain

22:20 The Benefits of Training at a High Level in the US.

25:57 How a Manager's Performance is Influenced by Club Expectations, Getting the Most from Players and Establishing a Unique Style

29:36 The Benefits of Eliminating VAR from Soccer

33:28 Gareth Southgate as England Manager. 1-2 Win Over Italy in Euro 2024 Qualifier

37:16 Premier League Break Until April 1st and Match Previews

41:00 Rumors of hiring Ryan Mason and Spurs' Struggles


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